CGCC Payson Field Trip, October 27, 2023

Stratigraphic Column


Slow Start

Great Unconformity

Finding the Contact

Looking for the Missing 1.2 BY

Jake and Eric Exploring

Santoro Crossbeds

Unweathered Quartz from Granite

More Crossbeds


Fulgurite? (Lightning Zap!)

Sandstone Incorporating Quartz

Preparing to Rappel

Instructor Images - Forward your best images for sharing to Jeff. Instructors included Melissa Stuben, Mike Santoro, Tom Ruberto and Jeff Simpson.

Quartz Inclusions (MeS)

Crossbedding (MeS)

Excellent Crossbeds (MS)

Sedimentary Outcrop (KM)

Low-Iron Shale (Solution?) (KM)

Tapeats Sandstone (KM)

Shark Teeth @ Naco Site (KM)

Hermit Shale Mud Cracks (MS)

Melissa & Seds Rock (KM)

Granite Spheroids (KM)

Cliff-Forming Sandstone (KM)

Cliff-Forming Sandstone (KM)

Cliff-Forming Sandstone (KM)

Clay - Pre-Mud Crack (KM)